Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Expanding my family only to send them off

So I have been busy the last little while expanding my puppet family. I will be in a craft fair this weekend (Dec. 6) in Port Moody called Klahanie Holiday Market here is where it will be from 12 until 4pm. http://wikimapia.org/6610159/Canoe-club-501-Klahanie-Drive So I needed to have some stock. I will be selling my puppets, cards and pouches/make-up bags that I make. There is something about creating that I absolutely love. The hope is that I can sell some of these to support my habit.
The small ones are selling for $40 and the larger ones for $50. I shipped items as well costs about $8-$10 to ship.

I have been using a puppet I made for about 10 years now. I looove him and so have all of my classes in the past.
I gave a puppet to my youngest nephew for his birthday this past year. His Dad has a hay day putting on shows for Little "E". While I do not recommend these puppets for use of children under 4, parents seem to enjoy letting loose with their dramatic side to make their children smile, laugh and giggle.
This blue aphro really makes me laugh.

Anyway, a few people have been asking to see what I am making so I thought I would update anyone who is interested.

By the way, can you help me name these puppets. I would love to hear what names you come up with. Please be creative! :)


  1. HEy they look awesome Terri!

  2. They're cute!
    Looking forward meeting you at the Klahanie Holiday Market this Sunday! Hope to get a lot of sales! :-)

  3. okay , i think the girl with the little eyes is Cindy.

  4. THey all have little eyes. lol...what colour is the puppet?