Friday, June 26, 2009

Critical Mass

Okay So today Nelson and I were a part of something called Critical Mass. This was Nelson's second time and my first. Boy, what an experience it was.
We started by gathering at the Art Gallery. There were so
many people with bikes. The cling cling of the bike bells ringing constantly.

We began by riding up Howe toward the Granville Street bridge. Riders who have done this many times, know the drill. At every light a few riders will block the way so no cars or pedestrians can get by. I would not want to be the car waiting for 1000 bikes to pass through the light before being able to go again.

When you get to the top of the Granville Street Bridge you are suppose to lift your bike up over your head in victory, not really sure why, but it is very funny.

Love the view from the Bridge.

Then we continued on west 4th street and turn right onto Burrard. Many very interesting poeple and there bikes. One guy had rigged up speakers on his bike and attached small MacDonald toys in cars. He had tons of great old music such as The Beach Boys.

When we got to the top of the Burrad Street Bridge we waited again for the bikes to gather. It was pretty funny the things you saw.

A few people
were climbing
the bridge
to see the
sea of people
on bikes and
to take

Finally we continued on down the streets of downtown Vacouver. Overall, an unforgetable time. It was so great to feel a part of community with people, no matter how crazy it was.

Look forward to the next time we will be part of Critcal Mass.
Hope to see you there too!!

Disclaimer :)

Okay so if you are new to my blog, I want to encourage you to read my first post entitled Why should I blog? This will help you to understand why I really suck at spelling and grammer. In the short time that I have started my blog I have found many, many mistakes. I'm sure you have spotted them too. So Give a second read to my postings cause they may change with time and hopefully for the better.

New York City collection

So Just finished putting together this new favorite of mine. New York City Card Collection.

It was soooo cold the day we went on the Staten Island Ferry. We really did not even get out on the other side. "A train" would have turned into a baby popsicle.

It was not very often that we were this alone in the subway. But when it happened
both Aimee and I took
advantage of it.

Just loved walking around looking at all the beautful old buildings. All the iron fire escapes make me think of 'Welcome Back Kotter' Loved that show!

"Hey Mista Kot-tair"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As I sit looking in the mirror seeing my wonderfully red chin, I was thinking back to my teenaged years. Acne. I never really had a problem with it until I hit adulthood. Yes, of course I had the odd one that would pop its ugly head up at the wrong time.

I remember sitting on the basketball bench in grade 9 feeling something on the side of my nose I had never experienced before. It was not simply a small pimple. It was a mountain with its pussy lava way down deep and none eruptible. I asked my friend, Kim Gillespe, who promptly said, “oh I know what that is. Don’t worry I know what to do.” Now why I took her word I do not know. She was known for being quite the prankster. “Just simply put your finger on it and push down reeeally hard, for a reeeally long time.” As I sat on the basketball bench doing as Kim said, somewhere back in my snapshots of my life, I remember being in almost the same position with her not long before. Only instead she told me to tense my neck for a reeeally long time and see what happens. “It’s reeeally cool!” So I did and the next day I woke up with such a stiff neck that I nearly needed to skip school. While, missing school was always welcomed in my life, a stiff neck was not.

So there I sat pushing down the mountain lava deeper into my skin. Now I did not know then what I know now about skin health or I would never have listened to Kim. The next day I woke up with the entire side of my nose covered in hideous red rolling hills and the mountain was twice as big. I think back and chuckle. She got me twice. I hope I have gotten wiser over the years...

Moral, not sure I have one...could you help me out here?

Why should I blog?

Why should I blog? Well, quite frankly, I should not. My spelling is atrocious and my grammar is even worse. But maybe, just maybe blogging will help me work on these skills. Dyslexia is thick in my veins. It clogs my grammatical arteries. Some of you may be able to help me thin these down. I also read slow.

Well, there it is all out on the table... or computer screen. I may never even end up with any followers on this blog of mine, but if it will help me to keep taking pictures and keep writing stories then I guess it will be worth it. I hope that you (it may just be you reading honey) enjoy some of my stories, pictures and many other items that you will read and see as I contemplate life in the big city of Vancouver and life from the small town of Vineland.