Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why should I blog?

Why should I blog? Well, quite frankly, I should not. My spelling is atrocious and my grammar is even worse. But maybe, just maybe blogging will help me work on these skills. Dyslexia is thick in my veins. It clogs my grammatical arteries. Some of you may be able to help me thin these down. I also read slow.

Well, there it is all out on the table... or computer screen. I may never even end up with any followers on this blog of mine, but if it will help me to keep taking pictures and keep writing stories then I guess it will be worth it. I hope that you (it may just be you reading honey) enjoy some of my stories, pictures and many other items that you will read and see as I contemplate life in the big city of Vancouver and life from the small town of Vineland.


  1. I am reading too Terri, I love who you are and how you express yourself. You haveamazin gtalents and ablitities that far out way those things that you feel have inhibited you previously.

    Love you my friend

  2. YOu have a blog? WHy didn't I know this?
    I'll be reading daily.