Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As I sit looking in the mirror seeing my wonderfully red chin, I was thinking back to my teenaged years. Acne. I never really had a problem with it until I hit adulthood. Yes, of course I had the odd one that would pop its ugly head up at the wrong time.

I remember sitting on the basketball bench in grade 9 feeling something on the side of my nose I had never experienced before. It was not simply a small pimple. It was a mountain with its pussy lava way down deep and none eruptible. I asked my friend, Kim Gillespe, who promptly said, “oh I know what that is. Don’t worry I know what to do.” Now why I took her word I do not know. She was known for being quite the prankster. “Just simply put your finger on it and push down reeeally hard, for a reeeally long time.” As I sat on the basketball bench doing as Kim said, somewhere back in my snapshots of my life, I remember being in almost the same position with her not long before. Only instead she told me to tense my neck for a reeeally long time and see what happens. “It’s reeeally cool!” So I did and the next day I woke up with such a stiff neck that I nearly needed to skip school. While, missing school was always welcomed in my life, a stiff neck was not.

So there I sat pushing down the mountain lava deeper into my skin. Now I did not know then what I know now about skin health or I would never have listened to Kim. The next day I woke up with the entire side of my nose covered in hideous red rolling hills and the mountain was twice as big. I think back and chuckle. She got me twice. I hope I have gotten wiser over the years...

Moral, not sure I have one...could you help me out here?

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