Wednesday, December 16, 2009

God's Face in Unexpected Places

Went to an interesting Christmas party the other night!

I got to hang out with such beautiful, kind and caring people. Friends who truly are teaching me to look past all exterior faces. Friends who can truly love unconditionally. These friends continue to teach me to look past, past the addiction, past the homelessness and into the heart of Jesus. To see the face of God in all people, all his creation speak of him through their beauty.

As I watch helplessly as a woman I have grown to love and appreciate is so strung out on God knows what, I can't help but to be saddened. To cry in pain for her, to long for her to understand that God really does love her and that she was the reason he was born into this world. He died, so that SHE might live. It is sad to see a person not understanding that they are worth everything. I do not understand addiction I have never had one, with the exception of Slurpee's in the summer time. Come on though, WAAAY different. I realize the amazingly full life that my loving family has provided me with, helping and forming me to make wise decisions. I thank God for this and then I wonder, how can it be fair that I have such a supporting and caring family and so many others do not. Is it truly just the luck of the draw or has God for some unknown reason predetermined the path we each walk down? I understand that we have all been given free choice. However, free choice seems easier to handle had you a supportive family. I do not have answers for this.

God's unconditional love is shown, as I continue to look on and see friends surround and support her. Lovingly talking with her and walking her home. This is how God extends His Love, Hope and Grace to every person. God's grace does not discriminate between class, gender, sexuality or even soberness. It does not matter what you have done or are doing. You are invited! He really does want the best for each of us. I pray that I will hear his best for me. That I will love unconditionally and be gracious and compassionate just as I long to have the same shown to me.

As these new friends continue to help me grow in understanding of who God is, I pray that I am doing the same for them. Showing beauty, kindness, and care to those I meet in all that I do. That my life would convey the Grace, Hope, Peace and Love that I have grown so accustom to receiving. May many receive these unconditional gifts that are extended to all people this Christmas season and may you see God's face in unexpected places.

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