Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Husband Rocks and I'll tell you Why!!!

Today was a day of last minutes. I started the day with a walk downtown to try to cross off the last things on my list on the day before we launch our new church. I was determined not to get in my car at all today and yes I did succeed! However, with my success came three trips out into the streets of Vancouver.

The first trip I made was to the Grandville Street London Drugs. I bought large bottles of shampoo and conditioner (personal use not for Artisan use...we have been using hotel samples for the last few was time), a tea kettle, Welches grape Juice (which only seems to come in laaarge jugs), and a large Rubbermaid bin. Kinda heavy stuff when you have 12 blocks to walk... Thank goodness for the new Canada line that is a block from our home. Walked there trained it home. I can say very confidently that I was the only person on the train that was using a large blue Rubbermaid for her purse.

Dropped off the first load and headed out again on the train (same ticket:)) to Broadway. Had a stop at Canadian Tire and then London Drugs again to get what they did not carry downtown. Homeward bound again ...yes, same ticket.

Unloaded again, heated up some mid afternoon lunch for Nelson and I, sent some emails and then, yup, you guessed it off into the streets again. This time Staples for a Portfolio Bag and to get Artisan signs laminated. The nice thing about this Staples is that it is only 6 blocks away. Unfortunately, the portfolio bags they have are 1/2 inch too small...sad! (Really?... that little bit off ... Really?) and their laminater was not working. The girl sent me to the Staples on Burrard at Georgia, an additional 6 blocks away. Off I went and finished my tasks and even was able to make one more stop at chapters to cross something else off the list. Sigh!

I was on my way home when my dear husband called to let me know he was on his way to Long and Mcquade's to get a couple last minute sound items. I said I was on my way home and thought I might top my day off by treating myself to a Slurpee but realized on the phone that I had no cash with me. No big deal I responded... was not meant to be. (can't card a Slurpee... seems weird to me...).

Anyway, here is where my husband rocks.

I continued on my way home and a few blocks from where I said good bye on the phone to Nelson, I see our car pull up in a parking spot where I was walking and out comes my husbands arm with a toonie to buy a Slurpee. What a wonderful man! My Husband rocks and I have now told you why. It truly is about the little things in life guys!!


  1. Okay I was going to write, "Love it!" then I get here and see that Pam wrote that. Oh dear. Great minds right!