Monday, October 19, 2009

The Dam, Cotton into Pleather, and 4 Drawn Rats

This weekend my friends and I went for a "hike". We set off for Lynn Canyon and ended up at the Cleveland Dam. We are a wonderfully funny extra large gong show whenever we get together and I love every minute of it.

Of course we chose the rainiest day of of October to take a hike. Now in our defense, it was sunny in downtown Vancouver when we left. However, heading over to North Vancouver we could see the clouds formed over the mountains.
Off we went to explore the wild frontier. Laurie hating every sign that posted beware of bears. I kept telling her bears are smarter then we are, they don't go out in the rain.
At one point it started to rain so hard that we all just instinctively started to run back up the hill that we came from. I was wearing black track pants that soaked up the weather. They were so heavy, it was difficult keeping them up. My cotton pants glistened in the fog and looked like pleather. I was stylin'!
But seriously, the colours of fall never cease to amaze me. The paintbrush stokes of our Creator and Artisan are so tenderly and carefully painted.

Next time, definitely wearing our waterproof pants. What were we thinking? Poor Jessie kinda looked like a large wet rat.
Overall, a good day full of laughing, walking, running, hiking and a little girly screaming.
We will go back again to the dam...but next time, we will check the forecast.


  1. love the group shot! cute drowning in girls

  2. bunch of drowned rats. LOL.
    Love the misty pic.