Monday, October 5, 2009

Divine Appointments

As I walked the streets of Downtown Vancouver enjoying its beauty and praying for its people who God dearly loves, I asked God to give me a divine appointment. I continued to walk a few more blocks looking into the eyes of God's greatest creation, intentionally not listening to my ipod as I often do. I stumbled on an art show happening at the Pendulum Gallery, 885 West Georgia or It was a previewing of the art work that will be Auctioned off on Saturday October 17 at Performance Works in Granville Island. The proceeds go to artsumbella who if I understand do many different art programs for children and youth.

As I walked around gazing into the beauty that was created by so many talented artists I was met by one of the volunteers helping with the show. We small talked for a while and she told me about her son who is a professional dancer in Vancouver. I shared that my Husband and I are pastoring a church here in the city for artists. Turns out her son has been looking for a church who can embrace who he is as an artist. She asked more, I answered and we exchanged email addresses. Turns out she works at Carver Christian School, one of the private high schools that my school (VCC) feeds into.

I have no idea what will come out of this encounter but, I continue to be amazed at how God is constantly letting me know, in gentle and loving ways, that he is in control. All I need to do is listen!

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