Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Canadian Beaver Tail

While in Ottawa at the beginning of September, I had my first ever Beaver Tail. It was quite the experience. There was only one place in town that we new of that sold them. It was a cute little street shack vendor. Every time we walked by this place there was a lengthy line up, mid-morning all the way til late at night.
We joined the line when
we could endure the yummy smell of deep fryed death no longer and ordered our first ever Beav
er Tail. If you have never had one... basically a very flat doughnut shaped like a beaver's tail and slathered with all kinds of different topping options. We opted for the classic cinnamon and sugar topping.

We slapped down our $7 for two and
took a bite. IT WAS SOOO GOOD! (I also love a great bag of mini doughnuts at fairs and theme parks. This was the same only different in shape.) In fact it was so good that we came back for another one the next evening after a walking tour.

Beaver Tails ... a great Canadian way to soak the tourist for as much as possible. :)


  1. Uhm I have had this traditional fare everytime I went with my youth group to the Rideau Canal for skating. It is wonderful. I was so happy to find a place in Whistler that sold it the year my daughter was born. How Exciting to relive that memory! Yes, they are good. Now if you had enjoyed poutine out there, I would be sooooooo envious.