Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The entire Bible on flannel arrived today for Artisan Kids. Yup, that's right I like to kick it old school when it comes to teaching biblical principles. Anyway, I ordered the larger of the two sizes. Sadly I am regreting it now... where am I going to store it? Anyone want to buy a brand new Large Delux Betty Lukens Bible on Flannel?

I am envisioning poor little sweet Elijah and Eva sitting listening to the Bible story while their eyes bug out from it's gigantic size. I will have to tell these kids "Back up" as adults do all the time to their children watching a big screen TV.

I will also need to purchase a huge portfolio bag to carry the 3 huge flannel boards that came with the set. The cardboard backs of the huge boards are not made for this Vancouver weather. Yikes! What was I thinking!! Would be great if you have a building or on site storage. Alas we have neither.

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