Sunday, July 26, 2009

God vs Africa

Went to the fireworks last evening. It was South Africa competing. We were not going to go because it was raining and a bit miserable. But then the sky started to it was absolutely beautiful. We had thunder and lightning and God started to put on a very impressive show.

I am not sure I remember seeing the sky look this colour. It was red and orange purple and gold all mixed together... and the piece de la re-sis-tance... Lightning bolts flying through the sky.

Instead of people walking away from the lightning something interesting was happening. People were walking in the direction of the lightning. Some just sat propped on their claimed spot waiting for South Africa's Symphony of lights show. But what we all got instead was God's showing of power, creativity and existence. It was like he was saying... "Hey, Vancouver I'm HERE... keep watching...I'm Here...Look up...I'm HERE.

As people continued to watch to the heavens for God's Symphony of lights, (His thunder was his music and His fireworks lit up the entire sky) people cheered. This was a very interesting experience to here a collective community cheering and yelling for God's show to continue...hmm. Little did so many of them know that, I think, God was smiling down... in appreciation.

When South Africa started their show, people were excited for it and don't get me wrong, they did an excellent job, but nothing, nothing was like the amazing show we had just seen in the Heavens so effortlessly put together by our maker and Artisan.

Yes, people cheered and whistled for South Africa...but it was defiantly not as loud or consistant as when we did for the thunder and lightning.

Overall... I think God won!!

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  1. God vs Africa definitely caught my eye! I thought it was a commentary on some wildly erroneous conservative/fundamentals that think God is punishing africa with AIDS. Yikes.

    Glad that it was about the fireworks. I loved your descriptions and photos of it all.

    He probably was smiling!